We have recently been inspired by Apartment Therapy’s article, “20 Home Tasks to Get Done During Down Time”. We decided to re-post it including our own additions to their list….

This is a helpful list of ideas for productive tasks you can do while moping around the house during the cold season, or simply while watching a movie. Unleash your stored up DVR recordings, turn up your iPod, or crack open a bottle of wine; these tasks are not difficult, but they are too often forgotten. Make them an enjoyable experience so that way maybe, just maybe, you don’t put them off so long.

Of course, our favorite ideas are #27 and 28: Find and organize your old photos & videos to send them in to PhotoBin for converting!    (Biased?  Who us?  never!!)

  1. Organize your kitchen drawers
  2. Clean your remote control and phone buttons with a cotton swab
  3. Organize take out menus and update your phone with favorites
  4. Clean your humidifiers 
  5. Clean your hair brushes and makeup brushes  
  6.  Downsize movie and music collections
  7.  Clean the inside of your washing machine and dishwasher
  8. Alphabetize your DVD collection
  9.  Restock your home office area with fun things
  10.  Sort your junk drawer – You might find some cool stuff!
  11. Shred old mail (you know you have a pile of it!)
  12. Wash your pillow covers and clean under the cushions in your sofa
  13. Self-clean your oven (or do it by hand)
  14. Clean under the kitchen sink, and organize your cleaning supplies
  15. Clean & polish your shoes.
  16. Untangle and organize your jewelry
  17.  Make a list of family and friend’s birthdays for the year (Facebook       helps)
  18. De-fur the pets, brush and wash them
  19. Organize/throw out old magazines
  20.  Remove the lint filling up your blow dryer’s intake filter
  21.  Clean the crumb trap at the bottom of your toaster
  22.  Organize your closet – make a “donation” & “throw-away” pile
  23.  Organize your kid’s closet
  24.  Shake out the dust from rugs & cushions (outside of course)
  25.  Organize your book shelf by title, theme, or even color
  26.  Update the pictures in your picture frames
  27. Find and gather all your boxes of photos and start sorting! Organize by size and date to prepare for sending them in to PhotoBin for photo scanning service 
  28.  Find all of your old home videos and send them in to PhotoBin to be converted to DVD!

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To visit Apartment Therapy and see their original blog, click here: www.apartmenttherapy.com