Here at PhotoBin we love a good laugh, and we know our customers do too.This year, we’ve decided to gather some harmless photo and video related pranks. These fun and easy practical jokes can be pulled on friends, family, or co-workers. Just promise us you won’t point your targets our way when they are ready to retaliate. :)

(Pranks have been pulled from online contributors)

Let Me Help You
Put a small amount of paint or ink on your finger. Go up to your prank target and pretend to notice a “mark” on their face. Tell them you’ll rub it off, but instead, actually place a mark ON their face. Act like you got the mark off and walk away… But not before you snap a quick picture with then on your camera phone!

Can’t See Myself
If the person you are prank-ing uses a small wall mirror, take a picture facing directly away from the mirror. Crop it on your computer to exactly the same thing you would see in the mirror. Print it out on a large piece of paper, and then tape it to the mirror. Watch as the person frantically tries to see themselves.

Photo Switch
Find a small picture of a monkey (or anything else you think is funny) and use temporary glue (a glue stick works well) to place it over the photo on the victim’s driver’s license. Then send them out for beer, or find some other excuse to send them somewhere where they will need to show their ID.

Not What I Expected
Go to the video store (or Red Box) with the prankee and have them pick out some movies they want to watch. Then when you get home, have them go get some snacks or something and while they’re distracted, switch the DVDs inside the cases with some really lousy movies you know they’ll hate. Then laugh when they think that the video store gave them the “wrong” movies!

Going Buggy
This prank takes a bit of prep work before April Fools, but the extra effort will be so worth it! Take a picture of the top part of the kitchen counter. Go on the internet and search for a picture of a cockroach. Then, copy it on to the picture of the counter. Print out a few copies (cut off any extra white space), and place them on the counter. At first glance, your target will think the kitchen is infested! If your target is squeamish be sure to capture their reaction on camera!

Mug Shot
Prior to April Fools, find a picture of the bottom part of a face (from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin). You can use a woman’s smile, or a mouth with missing teeth – be creative). Print this picture so it is the size of the bottom of your victim’s coffee mug, then attach it with tape or glue. When your victim tilts the mug up to drink, he or she will have a ridiculous smile on their face for everyone to see… everyone except themselves of course!

Just One More
Go on the internet and find a funny picture of something (I used a cartoon rabbit) and print out 24 of them. Hide the pictures all around the room in a mixture of easy and difficult places. Tape one that has a note saying “I bet you can’t find all 25 of the pictures!” Your poor prankee will look for the 25th rabbit for a long time before you tell them that there were only 24!

Parking Pranks
Google a picture of a parking ticket. Edit it with a photo editing program and add in the victim’s VIN #, plate number, make, model, color, etc. Write a ridiculous violation (like parked too close to the grass) and write a high, but believable fine. Place ticket under the target’s windshield wiper. If possible, record a video of their reaction.

Scavenging Fool
Borrow a favorite item belonging to the unsuspecting target. Take a photograph that shows the item in an easily-identified locale (by the fireplace, in the mailbox, on the washing machine, etc.). Leave the photo where the victim will find it. When they go to the location shown in the picture, arrange it so they find another picture of the item, this time in a NEW location. Continue this as many times as possible, until at last they are rewarded with their item, with a note that says “April Fools!”

Photoshop Deviltry
Are you talented with Photoshop or another photo-editing program? Then work your magic on your prankee’s desk photos! Borrow their photos, scan them, then: switch out their family members with monkeys, change their appearance so they look fat, Photoshop them in embarrassing places, etc. Let your imagination go wild!

If you manage to grab any hilarious photos or videos of your pranks this April Fools, there are a few things to remember:

PhotoBin photo books.

We promise, after the dust settles the prankees will get a laugh out it for years too come.
And remember, don’t feel too bad because for all you know, they may be planning some April Fools pranks of their own….

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