Being in the military is HARD, there’s no doubt about that; The long hours, the physical exhaustion, the risk, and most of all,  the time away from family and friends. So, in honor of Memorial Day approaching we thought we would post a few ideas for a photo book to give that special soldier in your life. Whether it’s your son, daughter, husband, wife, or second cousin, they will love the thought and effort of this gift.

IDEA #1: “Boot Camp Graduation”
This gift is for the new recruit – the young gun who has just begin their heroic journey. Make them a photo book, wrap it up, and give it to them as a graduation gift. Some ideas for photos to include:

  • Before & After:  A photo of them just prior to their program, and a photo of them near the finish line. Their transformation will be astonishing.
  • Photos of them first trying on their gear
  • Pictures taken during their training
  • Photos with their new friends they’ve acquired along the way
  • Pictures from their dormitory or bunk beds

IDEA #2: “Going Away Gift”
There may be a time when you soldier is called upon to leave for a relocation, additional training, or deployment. The one thing they will miss most is family and friends, so give them a gift they will hold onto. Create a photo book that will help the homesickness. Here are a few sweet ideas:

  • Goofy close-ups of their friends that will have them smiling
  • Pictures and words of encouragement from family members
  • Include some shots form their favorite local spots ; them hanging out at that burger joint, or their friends at the bar etc.
  • Take photographs of the hand drawn pictures from their nieces, nephews, young siblings or children and incorporate them in the book.
  • Pictures from their Bon Voyage party

IDEA #3: “While You Were Away” 
While your hero is away saving the world, they are missing out on a lot of little joys at home. Give them the gift of reenactment. Document all the special events, occasions, and moments your soldier was forced to miss out on. Now you can take two approaches with this idea; You can make multiple photo books and send them out periodically as gifts to keep your hero in the loop. Or, another idea would be to make them a “Welcome Home” book, and fill it with a recap of photos from the duration they were gone.  Have fun with it, and be as detailed as possible! Make sure they know that they were missed every step of the way.

Showcase birthdays, weddings, first steps, and all the family gatherings throughout